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Support Immunity

Your immune system is your body's first line of defence when it comes to fighting seasonal bugs as well as more serious illnesses. Our Nutritionists and development team are experts in what your body needs to support the normal functioning of your internal defences, and they’ve channeled all that knowledge into our supplement kits. 

From powerful antioxidants like zinc and copper to superfoods like wheatgrass and dandelion root, we’ve done our homework to make life easier for you. 

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Healthy Weight Loss

All of our healthy weight loss plans have been designed by Gabriela Peacock and our in-house Nutritionists, with results, sustainability and convenience in mind.

Whether you’re looking to make a lifestyle change, get ready for a big event or just feel healthier in yourself, our plans are designed to help you see real results that last.

By combining scientifically-backed Intermittent Fasting with our bespoke supplements we like to think of our plans as your healthy weight loss support system. 

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Energy Levels

Busy lifestyles and long-working hours can leave you feeling depleted and worn out. Nutrition plays a vital role in managing energy levels but it’s not always easy or convenient to make drastic dietary changes to alleviate fatigue and burn out.

That’s where we can help; we’ve done the hard work for you and formulated supplements that combine the optimum levels of  vitamins, minerals and superfoods to tackle low-energy levels and fatigue. They’re packed in convenient daily doses, so you can concentrate on getting back to feeling your best!

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Destress & Sleep

Busy lifestyles mean we’re all switched on all of the time, this can make falling asleep (and getting quality sleep) difficult. 

As well as tweaking our routines, we can adjust our nutrition to promote relaxation and help us improve our sleep. If you’re looking to catch some more ‘z’s’ and improve how you unwind in the evening our Calm Me kit is perfect for you.

Our Nutritionists have developed a blend of nutrients, including powerful adaptogen Rhodiola, to help soothe your mind and calm the soul. 

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Fortify Hair, Skin & Nails

We all know that beauty comes from within, and what we put in our bodies is just as important (if not more important) than what we put on it. 

By combining skin-supporting vitamins, minerals and superfoods our supplements make the perfect addition to your self-care routine - helping you glow from within.

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