Adaptogens – the what, the how, the when

So What is an Adaptogen?

Adaptogens are natural substances, which help to balance the body’s hormones and stress levels.

Our Top 3:


    • The ‘Golden Root’. One of the strongest, most effective adaptogens.
    • Ideal for slimming, mood enhancement, increasing energy.
    • Found in our Calm Me range.




        • Known as ‘Indian Ginseng’, it is a root that people have studied over decades.
        • Ideal for stress reduction, balancing cortisol levels, fighting fatigue.
        • Use 3-6g of the dried root each day.



          • ‘Holy Basil’ known for its physical and spiritual benefits.
          • Aids with body repair, rejuvenation and aiding good sleep.
          • Use its leaves to make for tea.

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