Customer Stories from GP4:3

We asked some of our lovely GP4:3 customers to share their journeys with us so we can give you a real insight into the plan:


I’m a 38 year old mum, who worked really hard to lose the baby weight after my last child (she is now 20 months old). It took me 12 months to get back to my normal self, but since lockdown I’ve put on at least 6lbs round my middle that I can’t shift! With a full time job, 2 kids, and now all the extra curricular activities starting up, my diet is disastrous (crisps at 11am for breakfast, and grab and go processed food most days). I was also feeling really sluggish and had less energy than normal, so it all needed sorting out.

I’ve tried GP Nutrition products before and they’re great; easy to use and taste really nice, so this sounded manageable. I wanted to fit back into my clothes and lose the extra weight round my middle.

On my Fasting Days I saved my calories until the end of the day and ate a plate of protein with loads of vegetables as they’re low in calories and it fills you up, so you don’t go to bed hungry. The Slim Me drinks did help as well. I managed to make it to dinner without having to eat much at all, so they seemed to do the job. The Mindful Days were easy and were like a treat following a fasting day. I went wild on my Magic Day!! I had sandwiches, scones and some alcohol as it was my friend's birthday.

The best thing about the GP4:3 plan is you can still eat your favourite things, as long as you make sure they’re counting towards your daily calorie allowance. I’ve lost 6lbs, my clothes fit perfectly and some are a little loose! I have more energy and I’m craving less rubbish. I’m so glad I did the program and will continue with my healthy eating. I’d forgotten how easy it is to eat well, and this has really helped.


I'm a 27 year old who works in Television and lives a usually hectic life (Covid-19 putting an odd pause in that). Usually I’m travelling to different countries to meet clients and attending lovely industry events that offer very nice champagne and canapés and it all adds up! I’m a very active person and box, spin, run etc as well as dabbling in yoga and I believe in a balanced lifestyle but sometimes we all need a little extra help.

The programme is super easy to manage and advice is given at every step of the way to help you achieve your goals. I have finished the course kgs lighter, body fat reduced, skin clearer and with a healthier mindset. I will be keeping this up and transitioning to a 5:2 with the help of GP.

500 calories sounds hard to achieve but the advice and the tips and tricks make it manageable and the results are worth the effort.
Thank you to the team at GP!!

Overall my body fat percentage is down 2% and my weight is down 62.15 to 59.6. I’m thrilled.


I’m a 31 year old Mum with a gorgeous 21-month old daughter. I also own and manage a children’s nursery. Since having “Pickle Pants”, I’ve really struggled to lose my baby weight and follow diets that fit around my busy life. I tried the GP Slim Me Max and felt fab during and afterwards (and loved that the shake was vegan as I’m intolerant to lactose), but I'm looking to try something a bit more long term. I want to follow something that is healthy, that will help me lose weight, fits in with my daily life but also feel good about “me” again!

I've finished GP4:3 and I am super chuffed - I have lost 2kg and have had lots of compliments. I'm going to continue on the plan and keep the fab Team GP uptodate!