Gabriela’s flight routine: how to deal with jet lag

All of us have succumbed to jetlag at some point. Globetrotting across time zones on long haul flights can throw your body off-kilter, affecting sleep, mood and concentration levels. Frequent flyer Gabriela tells us her secrets for a smooth landing, whatever your destination…

“Whenever I fly, I try to make sure that I’m fully prepared to deal with the aftermath. I travelled to LA once and spent 24 hours awake!”But little tricks both in-flight and post-landing can minimise the effect jet lag has on your body and help to get you back in sync. Here are some that work for me…”

“Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and replace alcohol and caffeine with herbal teas. The atmosphere on long haul flights tends to suck the moisture out of you, so staying hydrated will ensure you look and feel radiant when you step off the plane.”

“Avoid salty snacks, which will leave you feeling thirsty. Pack some nutritious nuts, seeds and fruit that will release energy slowly and keep bloating at bay.”

“Try to travel make-up free – especially on long haul flights. Stuffy cabin air can wreak havoc on the skin so give it a helping hand with a hardworking serum. Aurelia’s Cell repair Night Oil works wonders.”

“Make a strategic sleep plan and use your destination time zone as a guide. If it’s a daytime flight then skip a sleep. But if you’re venturing across two or more time zones, be sure to bed down. If it’s an especially gruelling flight, try to tweak your bedtime accordingly a few days before you travel: if flying East, gradually move your bedtime earlier and if flying West, delay it.”

“Go for a walk. When you finally reach your hotel, you’ll feel like crashing into bed and not moving again until morning. Don’t even think about it! Keep moving, stretch your legs and venture out into the sun. Try to stay awake until your usual bedtime so your body adjusts to a different routine and you’re not tempted to nap during the day.”

“Eat lightly for the next couple of days. Switch your mealtimes around to chime with your new destination – it will be easier to do this if your meals are small and nutritious. Slow release carbs will also stave off afternoon naps.”

“My Restore Me supplement is specifically designed to give you an energy boost during the day, followed by a restorative night’s sleep. It’s worth keeping some to hand both in flight and throughout the trip to help balance out your body’s rhythm while you get used to the new time zone.”

1. In-flight pillow, 2. Restore Me supplement, 3. Silk eye mask, 4. Good movies, 5. Cashmere socks