Gabriela's Top Tips

When our founder, Gabriela Peacock, isn’t in the office running GP Nutrition, she’s holding clinic sessions with her patients – she’s a real #GirlBoss. Now whilst we can’t share everything Gabriela advises her clients, we’ve convinced her to share her Top 3 Life-Changing Nutrition Tips with you in this blog:

1: Eat Cheese Before Something Sweet

Gabriela says: “A lot of people are surprised that I don’t ban them form eating things like chocolate and biscuits. I do suggest that they eat a cube of cheese or a low fat natural yoghurt before every sweet treat. Why? Because the protein promotes a feeling of fullness and will stem the urge to overeat sweet stuff. It’s a simple trick, but it works.”

2: Don’t Drink Coffee On An Empty Stomach

Gabriela says: “I’m fine with people having three or four cups of coffee a day – I know I need my morning coffee fix! But you shouldn’t be having caffeine on an empty stomach: Caffeine is a stimulant that promote the release of glucose from the liver, this causes a rise in blood sugar and the cravings follow!”

Eat before your morning coffee to curb cravings

3: Choose Vegetables That Require A Lot Of Chewing

Gabriela says: “Fibre fills you up and reduces hunger meaning you’re less inclined to snack. It’s also important for your gut microbiota, which is linked to weight and the onset of obesity. That means we need to eat more veg. My top tip is to choose vegetables that require the most chewing because they have the most fibre. Broccoli and kale are tremendous fibre providers, but there are other leafy vegetables such as brussels sprouts and asparagus. Salad leaves are less likely to be high in fibre because of their high water content."