How to get the most out of The Calm Collection

Create Your Own Calm

We've created The Calm Collection with our friends at Good Remedy to help you relax, unwind and de-stress. It combines Good Remedy's CBD Oil is a highly concentrated formula which contains 750mg (7.5%) pure cannabinoids and 0% THC. The oil has been extracted only from the tops of the fresh hemp plants grown in the pure mountains of Colorado, USA ensuring absolute purity and total effectiveness, and then mixed with coconut (MCT) oil. In addition to the high CBD content, the oil also contains CBG, CBN, CBC, and hemp terpenes.

By combining Good Remedy's Calm CBD oil with our award-winning Calm Me supplement kit this collection provides you with everything you need to create your own oasis of calm and feel your best. To help you get the most our of your Calm Collection we've compiled some of our top tips on how and when to take your CBD oil and supplements:

Take a minute every morning

Starting your day right will have a positive impact on your mindset for the rest of the day.

We recommend placing 1-2 drops of Calm CBD under your tongue, then as it sinks in, spend 60 seconds thinking about three things you're grateful for.   These gratitudes may remain the same or change each day, they can ground you and help you to reflect on the positive.

Once you have had your healthy and balanced breakfast of greek yogurt, vegetable omelette, or ruby red Leon porridge. Take your 3 x Calm Capsules with a glass of water: Calm Capsules are rich in magnesium, Rhodiola, vitamin C and B vitamins to help support sustained energy release.

Take a deep breath

Rather than reaching for the 4pm sugar hit, opt for a short 5 minute walk outside, take the stairs down to the ground floor and back up again, hug a colleague or friend, do a minute of mindful breathing practice.

Follow this with your Calm Me my drink, mixed with a glass of cold water instead of your usual sugary or caffeinated pick-me-up.

Take your 2nd dose of CBD at least an hour before bedtime

While waiting for your CBD to sink it, choose to either take 60 seconds to think about 3 gratitudes again, do a mindful breathing activity, or even shut the door to be alone in a quiet room for the first time that day - we all need some me-time to check in with ourselves.

Wind down without screens or blue light

1 hour before you plan to turn off the lights and get to sleep, put down your phone or leave it in a different room and turn off TV screens and computers. Try to choose activities away from electronics - save the washing up till last, do a jigsaw, read a book, just give yourself some screen-free time.