In-flight style: What to wear on the long haul

Even if you love travelling, long distance flights can be testing. While you want to look good when you touch down at your destination, comfort is of upmost importance when you're 40,000 feet in the air. Here’s what to wear to make your next journey as relaxing as it is stylish.

Choose loose trousers over tight denims and pick a style that won’t restrict your movement. Stretchy harem pants or athleisure-appropriate tracksuit pants are both super-comfortable choices. And thank the fashion gods that pyjama trousers are in vogue now, too.

Opt for cotton t-shirts that will allow your body to breathe. In-flight air quality isn’t great and you're not likely to be at your freshest after a few hours in the air. Cotton is kinder on the skin than jersey or viscose materials and won’t get static when the air con kicks in. T-shirts also layer well with cardigans and longer sleeved tops, thus allowing you to change it up in keeping with the cabin temperature.

A shawl or large scarf will be your best friend when travelling. Use it as a wrap, blanket or head cover when you’re in-flight, then wear it to keep the sun off your shoulders or sea breeze at bay while you’re away. Stick to ones made from linen, light cashmere or silk.

You'll want to be able to slip into something as the temperature adjusts on the tarmac. A longer jacket or blazer is perfect popping on as you arrive at your destination. It adds a smarter, tailored element to your look as you disembark, while hiding any creases that might be lurking beneath.

Your feet may swell during the flight due to the air pressure so avoid heels at all costs. Flat sandals, soft trainers or slip-ons are a more sensible yet choice. This season’s pool sliders and babouche slippers are ideal too. You never know how much time you’re going to spend pacing the departures lounge or between gates, so think to yourself, ‘Would I walk a mile in these shoes?’ If the answer is no, opt for a safer pair.

There’s a reason why every celebrity snapped at the airport wears sunglasses – they hide tired eyes and up the style stakes all in one go. They’re also an alternative to eye masks if you’re trying to get some shut-eye in the air.