You Magazine

Our Fab Founder was interviewed by the lovely Julia Llewellyn Smith for You Magazine. Here are a few of our favourite snippets:
"She's the model turned top nutritionist who's credited with getting Prince Harry in shape for his wedding. But right now Gabriela has a bigger mission. Her revolutionary eating plan could help us all slim down- and live longer."

"'When I started studying nutrition [15 years ago] there was very little information out there. Now there's almost too much. Everyone's confused and feeling the pressure to eat perfectly. But how many smoothies can you make in a day? We worry, 'Am I a terrible Mother if I don't cook all meals from scratch with organic ingredients? But no one can do that. I feed my children lots of ready meals. We need to give ourselves a break.' says Gabriela"

" 'Everybody is so scared to talk about weight, but this terrible virus has opened the discussion on how carrying extra pounds isn't just about the way people look on their Instagram: obesity provokes inflammation, which [can] lead to many...chronic illnesses.' "

"Ever pragmatic, Gabriela also realises that many of us don't have time to make sure we're getting all our daily nutrients. 'We're running around [going], 'How much broccoli can we realistically eat in a day?'

To aid this, four years ago she launched her Gp Nutrition supplements, with ranges such as Clean Me - sachets and pills to optimise liver functions - and Slim Me, a fibre-packed powder drink to quell the appetite."

"Gabriela Peacock's 4:3 Plan: The Doable Way To Diet"