• Detox Kitchen: Super Green Soup With Broccoli & Ginger

    210 Kcals per serving. Delicious and easy to whip up.
  • Detox Kitchen: Roasted Aubergine With Glass Noodles

    270 Kcals per serving. Delicious and flavourful dinner time meal.
  • Meditteranean Vegetable Stew with Lamb

    192 Kcals per serving - A one-pot classic just for you
  • Courgetti With Mushroom Ragu

    109 KCals per serving - A delicious rich mushroom ragu
  • Vegetable Chinese Chow Mein

    170 Kcals per serving - A classic and made in only 20 mins
  • Vegetable Balti

    131 Kcals per serving - An easy and healthy alternative to take-away
  • Spiced Butternut Squash & Vegetable Stew

    150 Kcals per serving. A delicious, spiced veggie stew.
  • Terriyaki Steak with Healthy Slaw

    188 Kcals - An Asian inspired classic with a delicious Fennel slaw
  • Sesame Ramen

    205 Kcals per serving. Nourishing and warming bowl of Ramen.
  • Courgetti, Balsamic Tomatoes & Toasted Pine Nuts

    207 Kcals per serving. Simple and easy low calorie lunch.
  • Tuna Salad

    99 Kcals per serving. A light and refreshing lunch.
  • Skinny Fish Burgers

    141 Kcals per serving - Simply fry this skinny fish burger for a tasty meal